evilgeniusfalls (evilgeniusfalls) wrote in circus_arts,

OM Gym

Hi there! I just joined. :) I've been taking aerial silks classes on and off for a little while, now, and was looking for a workout that would really help on the off days. I can only afford one class a week right now, and it always feels like I spend the first half readjusting myself to the feel of being aerial.

So, I got this Om Gym. It doesn't ship 'til the 23rd of this month, but I'm extremely hopeful. It mimics silks on a small scale, I think, and it seems like it'll be great for overall flexibility, particularly splits and inversions.

Has anyone tried this? Either way, I thought I'd give a heads-up for anyone else looking for a good at-home workout. I found a nice little tree at the park to hang mine from. They sell stands, too, which I wonder if they'd be good to hang a trap from, but they go for 700 bucks, and I just don't have that laying around.

I've previously gotten the Tree Yoga system, but was kind of disappointed for the purposes I intended. The straps are too thick and uncomfortably to hold to practice inversions, and it was just a little clumsy.
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