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Wicked Young Lady


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday this web site was brought to my attention:

That's me on the front page, and no I did not give my permission for it to be used.

The entire web site is basically a collection of images and video of aerialists that have been appropriated by the site author. "contactus@aerialaerobics.com" is not a valid email address, so don't even bother.

If your video is on this web site, you can go to YouTube and remove the embed option from your video. That should solve the problem. Those with photos on the web site are going to have a harder time.

I sent an email to the site owner and asked that he immediately remove my image from his site. We'll see if he responds or complies. Without the resources to hire an attorney to handle this matter on my behalf, I will likely send him a form letter asking that he cease and desist from using my image. Probably something along these lines. I wonder if there would be any possible recourse by contacting the authorities in Missouri, where it appears he might be based.

Here is his full contact information:
Brian Smith
7405 Blue Ridge Blvd
Raytown, Missouri 64133
United States
(816) 590-7574

Also, seems obvious but in case anyone has doubts - DO NOT GIVE THIS SITE MONEY! Not sure what you get for your $20 but I'm skeptical at best. This is scam city!

Crossposted to my journal. Feel free to share and propagate this information.
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