wild_stars (wild_stars) wrote in circus_arts,

My new job in Wisconsin

Olissio of Cavallo Equestrian Arts got me a job at Animal Gardens in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I'll be helping care for the horses and exotic animals as well as riding in The Dancing Horses show. I've worked with Cavallo Equestrian arts for about one week out of the year for the last four years.
He bought and trained two Percherons for the woman who owns Animal Gardens and The Dancing Horses and will be driving up there in May. I'll be hitching a ride with him up there and then my boyfriend will come to visit me and drive my car up, then fly back so I'll have my own transportation.
Are any of you in the Lake Geneva area? Know anyone who rides in this show or works at this attraction? I am hoping to make a few contacts before I get up there, especially since I won't have transportation for a month.
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